Our story

Meet our family business owners.

A family that believes that nutritious & simple foods should be at the center of every meal.

Our family history has always revolved around food.

With our grandmother as a Chef of multiple Moroccan restaurants in Ottawa Canada, and with a mother that loves to cook, my brother and I have always grown around flavorful dishes. Now many years later, with our busy lives at the office, and my brother now studying at University, we all crave to eat healthy foods that are convenient, nourishing, and full of taste.

Casbah was the perfect fit for us, and as a family business, we want to introduce more families to wholesome foods and allow them to try new and exciting flavors from around the world. Our goal? To make healthy eating more accessible and the norm, one meal at a time.


At Casbah natural foods, we want to make healthy eating more accessible and the norm, one meal at a time.

The Casbah® brand was originally founded in the 1970s has recently been acquired (2019) by the largest Couscous manufacturer in North America, called US Durum Products Ltd. Casbah is the brand that allows customers to discover different types of cuisines, inspired by our family ancestry and our trips around the world. Adapting diverse cuisines to Western palate and making them convenient, on-the-go, and healthy is what Casbah is all about.

By combining the expertise, industry know-how, innovation, and manufacturing capabilities of US Durum Products and the brand notoriety of Casbah, we are allowing the brand to grow a strong line of products for generations of families to enjoy.

All in all, Casbah’s focus is on convenient, natural, organic and premium non-GMO ingredients, which stems from our desire to promote healthy living. We also believe that reducing our carbon footprint is part of this focus as we constantly look for ways to innovate on sustainability, for a healthier world for generations of families to come.

Soukayna C. – Marketing Director at Casbah Natural Foods

Our story