OU Kosher
Non gmo verified
  • Vegetarian
  • Trans fat free
  • No saturated fat
  • Cholesterol free
Casbah© Sushi Rice is a short-grain sticky rice that is a staple in various countries cuisines. Sushi rice can be used to make sushi rolls, sushi bowls, or used as a side dish next to any protein and/or vegetables. Plus, Casbah© now offers this product in a clear jar bottle that is BPA free! You can now easily see what is inside your product, making it quick and easy while shopping in the isle. This new packaging format can also easily be opened and closed, making it is very convenient for storage.

IngredientSushi rice
NoticePacked in a facility that processes wheat
Serving size¼ cup (45g) dry
Serving per containerAbout 20 servings
BPA Free


    1. Rinse 1 cup of rice in cold water using a fine mesh sieve. Repeat the process until the water runs clear and the rice is thoroughly clean.
    2. Bring the rice and 1 ½ cups of water to a boil.
    3. Cover with a lid and simmer for 15-20 minutes on low heat, or until all the water is absorbed.
    4. Remove from heat and let stand (keep covered) for 5 minutes. If the rice is too firm at the end of the process, it may be necessary to add 1-2 Tbsp. of water and cook on the stove for an additional 3-5 minutes.

    Yields approximately 3 cups.

    Optional: In a separate small bowl, add 2 ½ Tbsp. rice wine vinegar, ½ Tbsp. sugar and ½ tsp. salt. Mix the sushi vinegar dressing into the sushi rice and serve.

    Rice Cooker: to prepare in a rice cooker, use the same water to rice ratio.