Back-to-school season is approaching quickly, and as sports, classes, and after school activities make everyone’s daily schedules more hectic again, it’s important to keep up a healthy and nutritious diet. Getting the protein and vegetables necessary to thrive in school and have energy during this busy time of year is easy with our Casbah products and Recipes that are all rich in nutritious ingredients. Try any variety of our Casbah Couscous or Casbah Rice Pilaf for an easy side dish and our Casbah Falafel Mix for a Mediterranean delicacy in a wrap or as a veggie burger. Furthermore, try our Casbah Quinoa in a quinoa bowl packed with veggies and your choice of protein.

All our products are super simple to make and can easily be incorporate in your kids’ lunchboxes or your Sunday meal prep. Whichever product you try first will surely be a game changer for parents this fall.