Nothing says winter like a good, warm stew. The winter months can get unbearably cold, and the best way to stay warm and cozy is with a nice comforting meal. Warm up and relax this month with our recipe of the month for December. This savory and nourishing Vegetable Stew, featuring our Casbah® Rice Pilaf is guaranteed to bring warmth. This meal is not only vegetarian and very delicious, but it is also super easy to make! Simply cook the rice in one pot, and while this is cooking, cook the rest of the ingredients in another pot, which include onion, garlic, mushrooms, tomatoes, red peppers, chickpeas, and kale. These healthy ingredients combine to create the best flavors, making this bowl a must-have.

We hope you stay warm this winter and enjoy the recipe! Please don’t hesitate to leave a positive review if this stew kept you from feeling too cold. 🙂