Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not start with an amazing and gluten free recipe?! This month’s featured recipe is a breakfast dish that is guaranteed to brighten your morning and get you ready for the day. Packed full of nutritious and delicious ingredients, this Quinoa & Kiwi Breakfast Bowl will change the game of breakfasts. Our recipe suggests adding kiwi and blackberries with the yogurt and quinoa, but you are also welcomed to use whatever variety of fruit you would like!

Swap a non-dairy alternative for the Greek yogurt, and you have a gluten free and vegan breakfast! What is better than that? This recipe is so easy and delicious and customizable to ensure your morning starts off fresh and healthy! Don’t forget to check out our Casbah Quinoa to recreate this recipe for breakfast. For a full recipe, head to our Recipe section on our website.