Casbah Falafel is one of the tastiest, easiest, and most versatile foods that we produce! There are many ways to prepare this dish for a variety of healthy lunch and dinner meals, as falafel is very high in fiber and protein. One idea is to make the falafel into patties for a vegetarian burger. Top the patty with lettuce and tomato or your favorite hamburger toppings, and this serves as a delicious veggie burger meal! Another option is to form the falafel into small balls to put in salads, rice or quinoa bowls, or in wraps along with all sorts of vegetables. A third delicious idea is to make the falafel into strips and put them in a tortilla with some avocado, other vegetables, and any sauce of your choice for a Mediterranean-style taco!

With falafel, the possibilities are endless. Buy our Casbah Falafel Mix today to try out some of these delicious meal ideas! To find full Recipes, head to our Recipe page on our website.